In a Line

When I wrote in my journal a little while ago, I felt my spirit pouring out gratitude; the “deep crying out to deep”.  While I am in the midst of  the busyness of my days, and the tasks at hand, my thoughts often turn to Jesus, and if the task is mindless, my lips may even be whispering prayers, and my ears tuned for His voice, but for the bulk of the day, my attention, and definitely my hands belong to the work (which I love, by the way).  But then it comes time to give in to what my spirit thirsts for, and enjoys the most; the opportunity to turn mind, will, emotion and action in God’s direction.  Like a horse running toward the stable, or like coming up for air after holding your breath underwater for too long.   This morning when I sat still and devoted my time and my pen, this was the cry…

“Thank you, Lord, for your Word.  Thank you for the truth , and the strength and power imparted into my life when I walk in it.  Thank you for your blood; its cleansing power and its healing of my mind and body.  Thank you for your Spirit; your illuminating presence.  Thank you for the order, provision, direction and revelation you bring.  You truly are the treasure of all time…May your name be lifted high in praise and awe.”

It spilled out for a couple of pages, and my mind, my will, my emotions and my actions were all in a line.  All in a line.

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